When I have my headphones in I don’t mean to be rude, I’m just in another world.

Music is powerful. Others may disagree, but I believe that listening to music is one of the most emotionally satisfying pastimes. Whenever I’m feeling happy, sad, angry, calm, or any other typical human emotion, I can rely on that one song to get me through the day.

Every time I’m walking to class, I never fail to establish the song of the day. Whether it’s Chance the Rapper’s fun, “Sunday Candy,” or Carrie Underwood’s powerfully emotional, “Jesus Take the Wheel,” I can always find a song that appropriately suits my mood. When I listen to the song that accurately fits how I’m feeling, it serves as my form of escape.

When I plug my headphones in, everything changes. I suddenly feel at ease and completely in tune with my emotions. The sound of that electric beat or the lyrics to that soulful ballad, allow me to see the world differently. As I listen to the melody, I think about anything and everything about my life. I think about why I’m here, what makes me happy, why I feel the way I feel, and what is important to me.

My mind trails off and begins to ponder over all subjects. I ponder over the meaning behind anything and everything in existence. I question why I think the way I think, walk the way I walk, and simply live the way I do. I ponder over my friends, family, dreams, goals, and aspirations. I ponder over where I want to be in five years, ten years, and then twenty. I ponder over all of my troubles with school, sports, and relationships. I ponder over whether or not those relationships are going to last or not.

I think about all the people in my life that matter so much. I think about all of those people that hold that special place in my heart. I think about how devastatingly lost I would be without them. Then I randomly think about what I’m going to eat for dinner that day. I think about how I’m hoping it will be something I thoroughly enjoy like my mother’s home-cooked lasagna or mashed plantains.

I think it’s important to ponder over both the significant and trivial aspects of my life because these thoughts keep me going. These daily thoughts that stem from that special song on my playlist, push me towards achieving my goals daily. I have those bad days where I need some sappy Carrie Underwood ballad, but her music is what allows me to realize that I’m not alone. Carrie Underwood knows what I’m going through along with every other artist that writes those inspirational lyrics I scream my head off to. When I’m upset or extremely “in my feels,” I can count on that music to give me hope, prove that I’m not alone in this, and help me overcome my internal